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Alimony & Spousal Support

     Alimony or as it is now termed, spousal support may be awarded in Michigan if the Family Court Judge determines an award to be just and reasonable. The Judge is required to consider several factors in determining if an award should be made and the amount of the award. These considerations are:

  • The past relations and conduct of the parties;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • The ability of the parties to work;
  • The source and amount of property awarded to the parties;
  • The ages of the parties;
  • The ability of the parties to pay alimony;
  • The present situation of the parties;
  • The needs of the parties;
  • The health of the parties;
  • The prior standard of living of the parties and whether either is responsible for the support of others;
  • The general principles of fairness and equity.
  • All other circumstances of the case

     Generally, a long term marriage with one spouse receiving little or no income will nean long term alimony in substantial amounts. Short term marriages usually do not result in alimony awards regardless of the disparity in incomes. Spousal support is not part of the property division. The Court usually divides the property on an equitable basis and then determines spousal support based on the income of the parties. The goal is to balance the incomes and needs of the parties in a way that will not impoverish either party.

     Most spousal support is ordered for a specific length of time, but the court can order spousal support to continue indefinitely or until a specific event occurs, such as the remarriage or death of the spouse receiving support. Alimony can be modified due to a hange in circumstances of either party. However, a consent judgment (agreed to by both parties can include language which making the award binding and unnmodifiable. Additionally, the parties can agree to an award of "alimony in gross" or a one time lump sum payment above and beyond the property division.

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