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Divorce Questions and Answers

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•  How is Divorce Initiated?

•  Can I serve the divorce papers on my spouse myself?

•  I've been served with divorce papers. How long do I have to respond?

•  What is an uncontested divorce?

•  I didn't file an answer in time - what can I do?

•  Can I be required to pay my spouse's attorney fees?

•  How long does it take to get divorced?

•  What are the grounds for divorce?

•  Is there any residency requirement divorce?

•  Can a divorce be granted if the defendant's whereabouts are unknown?

•  Can my spouse and I use the same attorney?

•  How is property divided?

•  How is Child Support determined?

•  Can a Court order payment of child care expenses?

•  How long does a parent have to pay child support?

•  Will I be required to pay my children's college expenses?

•  Can parenting time affect the child support amount?

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